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Take a look at what our community is saying about Herriman Towne Center. Here, we deeply value our resident’s voices, and opinions. It's important to us that each resident has a great experience living in our Herriman apartments. Our staff truly cares about the renter, and our services are designed to bring you highly professional management. Discover a community that is centered on bringing you a lifestyle that is enhanced on a day-to-day basis by our unique features. Our future and current residents are our top priority, and we can’t wait to show you what sets our 84096 apartments apart from all of the rest. See for yourself better living, and find your new home at Herriman Towne Center.



They were really nice and very helpful. Taya was super friendly and got back to us very quickly. We were able to move in a week after we saw the apartment. The other staff was really nice and helped with my apartment. They fixed my front door quickly also.


You guys are great! Fast and efficient!





I have lived in this community for roughly 2 years now and recently renewed my lease for another 12 months, despite the issues posted by other reviewers. It's true, the complex is under new management and they have made some changes that were not all presented in the correct fashion (customer experience is all about expectations and they definitely sucked at this transitioning from Back to AMC). However, the new office staff has been very nice to us, they re-finished the hot tub, and maintenance staff has been responsive. It is also the best deal for a 4 bedroom unit that can be found in Herriman, especially with the amenities.


We have had nothing but a positive experience living at Herriman Towne Center apts. Beautiful apts; family friendly and pet friendly. Management has been more than helpful. It's a very nice place to live!


I understand no apartment complex is perfect but I generally like living here. Pros Lots of Amenities. We have a pool, splash pad, hot tub, indoor and...


I’ve lived in these apartments for about 6 months already and I do like it. I love how safe this area is, that the people in the leasing office and the maintenance guys are friendly and reliable, there are a lot of kids for my toddler to play with, there’s a splash pad during the summer, there’s a community grill, fire pit, kids play area, community get togethers every month, etc. But there are a handful of things I really dislike, too. 
1. Different rent costs — My apartment is significantly bigger than my friend’s in the same complex, but we pay $10 less. We both have the same floorpan, didn’t get the upgraded apartment (built in entertainment area and hardwood flooring throughout), and we’re both on the second floor (bottom floor is $20 more), but maybe they pay more because they were the first tenants to live in that specific unit or because they have upgraded kitchen appliances. But, when I asked why our apartment is bigger than others, the person I spoke to in the leasing office either didn’t know that some are not the same size, or played dumb, which is dishonest to me.
 2. Water bill — Instead of paying for how much water your family personally uses, the way they bill the water is… They take the total cost of your whole building and divide it by how many people are in your apartment to determine how much you pay. This is actually super annoying to me because I’d much rather pay for how much water I use. Maybe this was written in the contract and I missed it, but no one explained it.
 3. Parking — When we first got here, we loved how spacious the parking spots are!! However, once it’s night time, all the parking spots are taken and we realized that, if they made the parking spots even a little smaller, there would be more spots to accommodate more cars.
 4. Thin walls and ceilings — I can literally hear some of the conversations my neighbors upstairs are having. You can argue that this is because we're in an apartment, but this wasn't my experience with my last apartment. Not the biggest deal, though. 5. Hidden fees — When we were inquiring about the apartment, the old management (idk how the new ones do it now) told us there was valet trash but didn’t explain that there was an addition fee for it. Maybe it’s common sense to others, but I didn’t think it was an addition expense. Also, they didn’t explain that we’re paying a monthly fee for recycling, which is on the opposite side of the complex for us. 6. Dog poop — The office sends emails out reminding tenants that there’ll be a fee if they catch you not picking up after your dogs, but there’s still a lot of dog poop in front of our apartment. 7. Hard water -- This is a Herriman thing, not a Herriman Towne Center Apartments thing, but it's worth noting. All that being said, I do enjoy living here....especially since we're paying less for the bigger apartment haha

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